Welcome to The Mozi Run 2017!  This is our annual Fun Run which raises funds to help educate poor and needy children in Mozambique.

We are again raising funds for the Mozambican school. You have the option to set up your online fundraising page when you register. You are able to send links to your Fund Raising Page by email, Facebook or Twitter to ask your family and friends to sponsor you in The Mozi Run and donate online. A tax deductible receipt is available for donations over $5.00.

Help us give hope to the children of Mozambique through our school and educational programs. 

Be part of The Mozi Run. Ask people to sponsor you. 
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Thank you for your support.

Terry King
Executive Director - Mission Educate

Messages From Supporters

Jess Murphy donated to Jess Murphy at Thu, Feb 9, 2017 3:48 PM

Looking forward to a great Mozi Run this year!

Daniel Murphy donated to Daniel Murphy at Sat, Feb 11, 2017 2:29 PM

Good luck to all the runners! See you at registrations!

Terry King donated to Lulu Edeborg at Fri, Feb 17, 2017 9:46 PM

What a great cause. Hope you raise your target.

Simone Ridley donated to Lulu Edeborg at Sun, Feb 19, 2017 11:54 PM

We think Team Aussie Viking is the best!!!

About The Mozi Run

Participants in this year’s The Mozi Run have the choice of 2 great runs
A 5km Family Fun Run and a 10km Experienced Runners Circuit (The Andy Rulfs Tribute Run)

Both runs are raising much needed funds to give education to needy children in Mozambique.


5KM Family Fun Run

$15 Per Person
$40 Per Family

10KM Experienced Runners (Andy Rulfs Tribute Run)

$25 Per Person

Registration includes hire of Timing Tile which must be returned at the end of the event.

Event Details

Location and Time

The Registration, Start and Finish area for both runs is located on the grassed area off Lakeside Drive Carrara. Enter at the traffic lights at the corner of Nerang-Broadbeach Road and Lakeside Drive Carrara. Parking is off Lakeside Drive.

The Mozi Run will start at 2pm with a split start for each run. Please arrive in time to park, walk to Registration area to receive your timing tile, deposit Cash Sponsorship Envelopes in boxes provided and warm up.

Food, Beverage & Services

A selection of food and beverage vendors will be on site for light refreshment. Portable toilets and rubbish bins are located at the Registration area.

A qualified First Aid Officer is available at the Registration area.

Cash Sponsorship Package

We encourage all fundraising to take place on your personal fundraising page. If you need to collect cash donations you will need to download and print the Cash Sponsorship Package.

Download here

5KM Family Fun Run


$15 Per Person
$40 Per Family

Registration fee includes the hire of a Timing Tile which must be returned at the end of the event.

Registration fees are non refundable. The Family Fun Run is a timed single lap of the 5km Emerald Lakes Running Circuit. Your time will be emailed to you in the week following the event.

To maximise your support for education in Mozambique, please set up your ONLINE FUNDRAISING PAGE and obtain sponsors for your run.

A great range of prizes is available from CUA School Fun Run to all those who obtain sponsorship donations. You do not have to participate in the actual run to obtain sponsorships or qualify for prizes.

Check out last year's competition

The Andy Rulfs Tribute Run

10KM Experienced Runners Circuit

Registration fees are:

$25 Per Person

Registration fee includes the hire of a Timing Tile which must be returned at the end of the event.

Medals will be awarded for the first male and female adult (over 18 yrs) to finish and the first male and female child (under 18ys) to finish.

Who is Andy Rulfs?

Andy Rulfs was a student at Emmanuel College. He loved life, lived with intent, played his trumpet, excelled academically, enjoyed hanging out with friends and family and worshipped God with all his heart. He loved running from the time he was a toddler.

In 2003 he discovered cross-country running and was placed 5th in the 11 year old 800m final at the National Primary Athletics in 2004. For the next 4 years, he represented Queensland in 800m and cross-country receiving Sports’, Academic and Performing Arts awards at the annual Emmanuel College Presentation Evening. Like Eric Liddell, he felt that God had gifted him to run, and to run fast.

In August 2008 he was a member of the 15 years boys Queensland team that placed first at the National Cross-Country Championships. He won the gold medal in his time trial.

In October 2008, although suffering from terrible headaches, he qualified to compete in the 1500m at Nationals. This was to be his last race. He became more and more incapacitated and was finally diagnosed with glioblastoma, a very aggressive brain cancer. He was sustained in those last months by his faith in God, the support of family, friends and his running coach.

Andy lost his race with cancer in June 2009. A life of great potential, cut short.

The Andy Rulfs Tribute Run, as part of The Mozi Run is dedicated to his memory.

In doing so, it is hoped that the funds raised will enable young Mozambican boys and girls to realise their potential by giving them the opportunity for education, denied to over one million Mozambican children.

About the Mozi Run

Who will be participating?

The Mozi Run is an event designed for families, casual and serious runners. The 5km Family Fun Run encourages families to experience some healthy outdoor activity together. The 10km Experienced Circuit is designed to challenge experienced runners and walkers.

Is the event timed?

Participants in both the 5km & 10km will receive a Timing Tile. Times will be emailed to participants in the week following the event.

Do I have to have sponsorship?

You are able to come and participate in The Mozi Run without sponsorship. Your registration fee is part of the funds raised to help support education in Mozambique. However, for just a little extra effort you can help increase the amount we raise for education, by having people sponsor your participation. You also qualify for some awesome prizes for both adults and children from CUA School Fun Run.

Can I participate with a dog or pram?

Runners and walkers are able to participate with a pram so you can bring the whole family. Unfortunately, for safety reasons no dogs will be allowed at the start area or on the Emerald Lakes circuit.

What do I do on the day?

The Mozi Run starts at 2.00pm. There will be a split start for the 10km & 5km run. Please allow enough time to park in the designated parking area off Nerang – Broadbeach Road, walk to the starting point, register and collect your Timing Tile. Bringing along your registration email will help our volunteer staff confirm your registration.

You can also make a donation for education in Mozambique, as you register.

What do I do if I haven't received a registration confirmation?

If you are having any difficulty with registering or do not receive a registration confirmation contact our team below and we'd be happy to assist you. You can also just arrive at the event and confirm your registration.

Can I register on the day at the event?

Yes you can register at the event. Please come early to ensure you have time for the registration process. You can also make a donation for the cause when you register, if you wish.

Do you need volunteers on the day?

This event relies on the support of many great volunteers. If you are available to help contact our team below and we'll be sure to let you know how you can help make the event a success!

It takes a number of volunteers to make The Mozi Run happen and you can help make it a success by volunteering your time and expertise.

We have a number of areas you can help with during and after the event, including:

  • Course and Marshalling Roles
  • Information and Registration Area
  • Drink Station
  • Logistics
  • Photography and AV
  • Administration and Prizes
Contact Me About Volunteering

What do I do if I have sponsors who cannot access the online donation?

We recommend that you collect the money from them yourself and then you fill in the online donation form with their contact details and your banking details. We will email their tax deductible receipt to the email address you provide. Alternatively, you can obtain cash donations using the Cash Donation Kit. You can obtain a Cash Donation Kit (Sponsorship Form & Envelope) by phoning 5534 8050 or you can download a cash donation kit here.
Complete the Cash Donation Sponsorship Form and return your completed form(s) and the cash donations collected in the A4 envelope provided when you register at the event. If you downloaded the Cash Sponsorship Kit, provide your own A4 envelope and make sure you download the envelope label and glue the label to your A4 envelope.
Complete all the details required. Bring the envelope with the cash donations and completed sponsorship form with you and place it in the Cash Donations Sponsorship box when you sign in at the Registration tables.

When do sponsorships close?

You will be able to receive sponsorships up until Wednesday 22 March 2017 after which people can still support the work of Mission Educate via our website. CUA Prize Selections must then be made by Friday 24 March 2017.

How do I claim my prize?

The Mozi Run partners with CUA School Fun run to provide great fundraising incentives for those who participate in collecting sponsorships. Prizes can be selected online through our website. This will be available by logging into the website from Saturday 18 March 2017 using your email address or the login email you used when registering. Final prize selection must be made by Friday 24 March 2017 You will receive an email with information of when and where to collect your prizes.

What Happens if it Rains?

The Mozi Run will still occur if it is raining lightly. The running track has a sealed all purpose service. Organisers may cancel the event if the weather conditions are extreme and hazardous. A cancellation notice will be placed on The Mozi Run website and announcements will be broadcast on Juice 107.3 FM on the day. In the event of a cancellation, all monies donated will still be donated to Mission Educate and tax deductible receipts will be sent and prizes awarded accordingly.

What happens if someone is unable to attend The Mozi Run?

If a situation arises where you or someone registered in your family is unable to attend The Mozi Run, any sponsorship donations received will be donated to Mission Educate and receipts issued accordingly. The absent registered participant will still qualify for the CUA Incentive Prizes based on the funds receipted. The registration fee is not refundable.

What percentage of funds raised at The Mozi Run goes to the school in Mozambique?

There is not a set percentage donated from the funds raised. The simplest way to answer would be to say "As much as possible".
The organisation of The Mozi Run has associated costs involved. As much as possible, these costs are covered by corporate sponsorship, which varies from year to year. Some costs are involved with the incentive prizes provided by CUA School Fun Run for those who choose to be part of that promotion. These costs vary according to the number of people participating each year and the prizes selected. The Mozi Run is staffed by many volunteer helpers who contribute their time and expertise without cost.
Each year The Mozi Run is able to contribute significantly to the day to day running costs of the King of Kings School in Mozambique. These costs include teachers' salaries, text books, education resources and equipment and the provision of water, electricity and telephone. This enables the school to give access to education to orphans and children from families severely affected by poverty.

Participation Terms and Conditions

I hereby agree to the following:
I realise that running or walking is a physical activity and I am responsible for my fitness level and all training and preparation for this event. I acknowledge and understand that there is a risk of injury when participating on the day. Any of the participants may be accidently injured whilst running, walking or even standing still. Even though the organisers will be doing their best to ensure no one gets hurt, I understand that there is still the possibility of injury. I do not have to participate and do so of my own free will. I accept the risk of injury as a condition of my entry in The Mozi Run. I understand that safety precautions undertaken by the organizers of the event are a service to me and other competitors but are not a guarantee of safety.
Medical treatment:
I consent to receiving medical treatment for myself or children under my care during the event.
I give permission for the free use of my name, voice or picture in any broadcast, telecast, advertising promotion or other account of this event and for promotion in other such events.
Waiver Statement:
I hereby release MozAid Inc. t/a Mission Educate, The Mozi Run organisers and its agents from any liability now or in the future and waive any claim, right or course of action that my heirs or I might have for or arising out of loss of life, injury, damage or loss of any description whatsoever, that I may suffer in my participation in The Mozi Run. I, my heirs or legal representatives forever release, waive, discharge and covenant not to sue MozAid Inc. t/a Mission Educate or The Mozi Run organisers for any injury or death caused by their negligence or other acts.
Mission Educate understands the importance of protecting the privacy of individuals and will ensure the confidentiality of any personal information collected. The registration information will only be used to notify you about The Mozi Run for which you have registered and any future events organised by Mission Educate.
All registration fees are not refundable. The organisers reserve the right to cancel, without refund of the entry fee, if there are conditions of extreme weather or any other situation which results in the event being too dangerous to proceed.
I have read the above release and waiver of liability and fully understand its contents.
I voluntarily agree to the terms and conditions stated above.


You can help raise more funds for the children in Mozambique by obtaining sponsors for your run.

  1. Set up your ONLINE FUND RAISING PAGE for each Individual or Family Fund Raising Page when you register. Make sure you include the individual names and email addresses of each family member so that each one can qualify for the CUA School Fun Run incentive prizes. (The CUA Prizes are available as individual prizes only, not as a family prize.)
  2. Send the links to these pages BY EMAIL, Facebook or Twitter to your family and friends so they can make online donations.
  3. A tax deductible receipt will be emailed to every sponsor donating $5 or more online. Receipts for cash donations will be issued after the event.
  4. Sponsor donations can be made online or you can collect them personally using the Cash Sponsorship Form. Forms can be downloaded here.

Every individual participant who raises $10 or more in sponsorship is eligible for awesome incentive prizes from CUA School Fun Run. The more sponsorship donation you obtained, the better the prize you can receive. Incentive Prizes are for sponsorship donations and you do not need to participate in the event to receive a prize.

There are also BONUS PRIZES for the most funds raised by an INDIVIDUAL ADULT, INDIVIDUAL CHILD (under 18 yrs) and a FAMILY.

If you've already registered but would like to setup a fundraising page, email our team at info@themozirun.org and we'll get one setup for you.

We encourage you to setup your own fundraising page online, however if you have sponsors who prefer to donate cash, you can download a Cash Sponsorship Pack.

The Mozi Run does not encourage children to collect cash sponsorships without parental supervision.

Download The Cash Sponsorship Pack



All individual participants who raise $10 or more in sponsorship are eligible for incentive prizes provided by CUA School Fun Run. These prizes are available to individual participants only, based on the sponsorship amounts each individual has raised.

Individuals who are registered as part of a Family will be allocated an averaged amount from the total amount raised by Family sponsorships. Individuals within the Family are able to raise separate individual sponsorships to increase their individual total. The link to INDIVIDUAL FUND RAISING is found in the Family Team page located in the Family Team tab on the menu bar.

IMPORTANT NOTE: CUA Prizes are awarded to INDIVIDUALS ONLY based on funds raised. They are not awarded as a family prize. Funds raised on the FAMILY Fundraising page are averaged out to each individual participant registered in the family. The funds raised by one individual cannot be allocated to another individual, nor can the Family total be allocated to only one individual.


Prize: Prize donated by Sporty's Warehouse [$100 gift voucher]

The prize will be awarded to the individual child (under 18yrs) who raised the most sponsorship donations. This amount includes online donations and cash donations.


Prize: Prize donated by Sporty's Warehouse [$100 gift voucher]

The prize will be awarded to the individual adult (18+yrs) who raised the most sponsorship donations.


Prize: 2 Adult and 2 child QANTAS return economy class airline tickets from Brisbane/Gold Coast to Sydney, Melbourne or Cairns. Subject to availability. Terms and Conditions apply.

Flights to be negotiated between the recipient and iFly.Net

The prize will be awarded to the Family (2 adults, 2 children) who raised the most sponsorship donations. This amount includes online donations and cash donations.


Should a participant qualify for more than one major sponsor prize, a choice will be given regarding the prize received. The next qualifying participant will receive the prize not selected.


The allocation of major sponsor prizes will be made following the close of online sponsor donations, following the event. Online and cash donations will be included in the final sponsor donation tally. In the event that one of more participants equally qualify for a major sponsor prize, participants’ names for the appropriate prize will be placed in a hat and the prize awarded to the participant whose name is drawn.
No communication will be entered into regarding major sponsor prizes.

Fundraising Terms & Conditions

I have read and understood the information related to the allocation of prizes donated by CUA School Fun Run for individual participants who raise $10 or more in sponsorship donations and the conditions under which the Major Sponsor Prizes are awarded.

I understand that should more than one person qualify for the award of any major prize, the winner will be selected in a random draw from amongst the qualifying participants.

Individual Incentive Prizes

CUA School Fun Run Incentive Prizes

All individual participants who raise $10 or more in sponsorship are eligible for incentive prizes donated by CUA School Fun Run. Individuals who are part of a Family will be allocated an averaged amount from the total amount raised by Family/Team sponsorships for the calculation of the amount for their incentive prizes. Individuals within the Family or Team are able to raise separate individual sponsorships to increase their individual total. The link to their INDIVIDUAL FUND RAISING /FAMILY PAGE is found in the Teams tab.


Prizes have been donated by sponsors for participants who raise the most in sponsorship donations in the following categories.


The prize will be awarded to the family who has raised the most sponsorship donations on their FAMILY FUND RAISING PAGE. This amount includes online donations and cash donations. The calculation of family sponsorship donations includes the total of any allocated amount from the FAMILY FUND RAISING PAGE.

Air tickets are subject to availability at the time of booking. Tickets need to be booked through Select World Travel & Cruise, Suite 2 / 66 Appel Street, Surfers Paradise, Qld 4217 Ph: (07) 5526 7467. Tickets must be used before 1 December 2016.


The prize will be awarded to the individual child who has raised the most sponsorship donations on their INDIVIDUAL FUND RAISING PAGE. This amount includes online donations and cash donations. The calculation of individual sponsorship donations DOES NOT INCLUDE any allocated amount from the FAMILY FUND RAISING PAGE.


The prize will be awarded to the individual child who has raised the most sponsorship donations on their INDIVIDUAL FUND RAISING PAGE. This amount includes online donations and cash donations. The calculation of individual sponsorship donations DOES NOT INCLUDE any allocated amount from the FAMILY FUND RAISING PAGE.


Event Details

Saturday 18 March 2017, 2pm Start
Emerald Lakes, Carrara Gold Coast
$15 Individual 5KM
$25 Individual 10KM
$40 Family (5KM)

Major Sponsors

Proudly Supported By